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When we watch Amazon & Wal-mart beat each other up for only a few cents of profit "to be competitive on toys"... WE JUST LAUGH AND LAUGH AND LAUGH...AND WE HODL. When others retailers are relieved to have sold through their inventory, we place one last large order... AND HODL. When other retailers clearance sale... WE HODL. When collector pricing kicks in on discontinued toys & collectibles, and other retailers wish they had a few left, WE START SELLING. When customers find out we still have brand-new, factory sealed items IN STOCK YEARS after being discontinued- they pay up. Gladly. OUR CUSTOMERS WILL HAVE TOYKEN. WILL YOU?


Having a good team is one of the keys to success. Investors tend to research each team member and more ICO-experienced members are an added value.

ICO Information

Providing all neccessary information is very important for potential investors. Not showing all the information or lack of them can be perceived as an insecurity or uncertaintnty.

Product presentation

Potential investors want to understand the product and know about post-ICO plans and goals for the future. No plans equal no interest.

Marketing And Social Media

Reaching out to the potential investors and keeping an open communication with them is one of the most important keys of an ICO campaign.