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Gleec Coin is an ICO already created with real-world use. Blockchain can be considered one of the most disruptive technologies recently and considering how many large brands are integrating and working together with different blockchain companies, it is here to stay. It has already shown how it can reduce transaction fees to a bare minimum or even completely remove them and decentralize control so there is no central point of failure. But most of the Cryptocurrencies are just speculative as the products that they are supposed to be powering are often inexistent, and in that case, the coin or token is purely speculative. Unlike these cryptocurrencies, Gleec Coin already has an ecosystem where it can be used for services and products. Users will be able to enjoy a range of bonuses across all our services by using Gleec coins. Our services are focused on fluid user experiences, real-world use and security

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Mar 09, 2019 - May 09, 2019

Mar 09, 2019 - May 09, 2019
  • Token Gleec Coin
  • Price 1xGleecoin = 20 euros
  • Bonus Yes
  • BountyAvailable  
  • PlatformBlockchain
  • Accept currencyEur, usd, btc, eth
  • Total Supply 1,200,000.00
  • Soft cap3,000000 EURO
  • Hard cap12,000000 EURO
  • Minimum Investment1.00 GLEEC
  • CountryEstonia
  • Restricted areasUsa, china
  • KYC/whitelist KYC


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