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DEN Wallet

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When we watch Amazon & Wal-mart beat each other up for only a few cents of profit "to be competitive on toys"... WE JUST LAUGH AND LAUGH AND LAUGH...AND WE HODL. When others retailers are relieved to have sold through their inventory, we place one l

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LexRay is the world's only decision-enabling mobile platform that empowers organizations to their run operations from anywhere. For the last decade, LexRay has been the leading innovator in sophisticated solutions for both government and private sect

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IP2PGO token

P2PGlobal is a fintech company that was established in 2015. Our aim is to disrupt any current status quo in the market by embracing and utilising newer technologies. In 2015, we started iP2PMoney which utilised peer-to-peer technology to disrupt the

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Timeless has opened up its DSO to US accredited investors by using a US-registered broker dealer as well as a SEC-registered transfer agent for the issuance and custody of digital securities. As we’ve reported recently, the SEC has been taking a to

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By investing funds into real life assets that yields profits. Such that investors are sure of their monthly return on investments. It also allows its owners to invest their funds by lending, in the foreign exchange market, transport sector, mineral r

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Bytus - Payment by cryptocurrency with instant conversion into fiat Pay for purchases with cryptocurrency via smartphone in 1,000,000 stores across the globe. Bytus has a mission to create a convenient, safe ecosystem so that the user can convenientl

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Carthagea STO

A security token offering is an innovative operation consisting in the issuance of financial securities (shares) that will be registered and may be exchanged in a blockchain. Carthagea intends to become a pioneer in this area by carrying out a capit

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East2 EDOS

East2 – Reinventing Travel Experience Our latest video for East2, a decentralised marketplace that transforms travel services for airlines and their loyal travellers. A comprehensive solution with flexible, dynamic, and intelligent booking experien

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Artis Aes Evolution

ARTIS AES is the first portal that offers at the same time consulting, brokerage and buying and selling services in the art world. Therefore we offer special services for identifying investment opportunities in the art world, with the aim of guarant

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ESAX Technologies, since 1999, is a company providing services on information security and software. Since 2018, we are been working on blockchain technologies. So far, we are been working on information security, software and payment systems in the

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THE FUTURE OF ADVERTISING Building a world digital out of home advertising network with the most recent AdTech. we tend to connect advertisers and alphanumeric display suppliers with a P2P platform to supply real time advertisements to all or any at

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Travelvee - Innovative Booking Platform! homeward on to the marketplace for unoccupied rooms - which can be sold on exclusive terms, that are mentioned between the building and therefore the vendee - confidentially, after all with the assistance of T

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MyTVchain is the 1st internet TV platform dedicated to sports clubs and athletes hopped-up by blockchain technology. MyTVchain permits sports clubs to form their internet TV and animate their communities (fans, supporters, friends and families) wher

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Verify & Own Your Data We are facilitating the adoption of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to the blockchain by establishing new industry standards. is a platform that allows exchanging verified data while retaining complete control over the information.V

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Gleec Coin

Gleec Coin is an ICO already created with real-world use. Blockchain can be considered one of the most disruptive technologies recently and considering how many large brands are integrating and working together with different blockchain companies, it

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Coinimp Upcoming Revolution In Web Monetization IMP is short for “Impression”, a marketing term that indicates the number of times a particular piece of content is displayed without having the user perform any additional action. The project itsel

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The organization Biogen International Business Company placed in Ireland can commence with the joint effort of organizations and researchers from round the globe a task to expand human life, due to blockchain innovation it's presently conceivable to

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simplyBrand system Combining the facility of blockchain, AI, and crowdsourcing to finish on-line counterfeiting once and for all. AI Technology & Machine Learning With simplyBrand’s established AI and machine learning technology, our platform can e

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WinWin Coin

WinWinCoin could be an international association of gambling operators with their own WWC cryptocurrency. Additionally, we provide a redistributed jackpot for all participants of WWC and therefore the Winex crypto exchange wherever you'll simply pur

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