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The organization Biogen International Business Company placed in Ireland can commence with the joint effort of organizations and researchers from round the globe a task to expand human life, due to blockchain innovation it's presently conceivable to

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simplyBrand system Combining the facility of blockchain, AI, and crowdsourcing to finish on-line counterfeiting once and for all. AI Technology & Machine Learning With simplyBrand’s established AI and machine learning technology, our platform can e

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The Elevation Platform

The Elevation Platform is associate degree scheme of business, shopping, training, advertising and mercantilism. we provide the chance to shop for, sell, exchange, advertise and acquire trained on one platform. The Elevation platform accommodates sev

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Making gaming in the cryptocurrency blockchain secure, easy and anonymous. Our vision is to provide our users with complete security, privacy and control over their game play. We do this believing that everyone has the right to play games using crypt

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WinWin Coin

WinWinCoin could be an international association of gambling operators with their own WWC cryptocurrency. Additionally, we provide a redistributed jackpot for all participants of WWC and therefore the Winex crypto exchange wherever you'll simply pur

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We create a cryptocurrency for our planet. TerraEcoCoin A new approach to financing environmental projects using Blockchain technology. instant and transparent financing of environmental projects EcoStart is a blockchain-based public distributed cryp

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Power Coin

The Most Liquid Asset Backed Token In The Marketplace! Power Coin is an asset backed coin. The company has created a Power Vault that Pledges physical and financial assets to back the Power Coin. Secure Your Power Mining Lease TodayPowerCorp is makin

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